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Bart Baggett is Nation's Leading Handwriting Expert as seen on national and international TV news networks. For stories including forgery, handwriting, and criminal tendencies... Mr. Baggett is the media's first choice. 

Bart has commented on the nation's leading criminal trials, forgery cases, and unsolved mysteries. He has appeared on over
1,500 radio / TV shows (CNN, Court TV, CNBC, etc). Mr. Baggett is the most TV and Media experienced handwriting expert in the world.

Why call anyone else and risk your segment or forensic case
being legally wrong, technically sloppy, or boring?


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Forgery Detection is a complicated and skilled profession which takes years of training.

Bart Baggett is qualified to help you solve your case. We work with attorneys, individuals, and corporations in the US and Canada.

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Attorneys Recommend Bart

"Bart Baggett is the best expert witness I've ever worked with. What's more, he successfully testified for my client via telephone in a live trial here in Alaska. He even "consulted with me" on how best to cross-examine the defense's document examiner. We won the trial and I recommend him whole heartedly."

Jim Fry, Attorney, Anchorage, Alaska

Baggett Helps Client Recover $6,600

"Bart, Your testimony and support during this lawsuit by my x-girlfriend has been nothing short of amazing. The judge awarded me full amount of the $6,600 and finally I can sleep at night."

Mike Juaraz, East Los Angeles

Helped Client Avoid 15 Years in Prison

"Thanks you soooooo much for going above and beyond. Your testimony was the key the criminal lawsuit against me. The jury found me NOT GUILTY on all counts. They obviously believed you instead of that Police document examiner the D.A. hired.

I was so impressed you handled that District Attorney with such professionalism... he knew you were right, but couldn't make you look bad on the witness stand.
I have my life back. Thank you Mr. Baggett!"

Amir Dawood, Attorney, San Bernadino, CA

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